About Us

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At Barq Aletesal, technology should be an ally rather than an enemy. Your company can speed up its digital transformation with the help of our team of brilliant people and specialists in fields such as cloud computing, data centres, artificial intelligence, web engineering, user interface and user experience design, social media marketing, project management, and DevOps. We are the best choice for companies seeking expansion because of our cost-effectiveness, speed, and emphasis on the design thinking process.

Get the top technicians on your team!

With an eye for detail and a commitment to perfection, Barq Aletesal assists organisations in managing their digital transformation requirements. We are the most qualified company to handle your assignment.

Never let our tagline, “Outstanding customer service, guaranteed,” get in the way of our pledge to consistently wow you.

Our affordable pricing and short response times put us in a unique position to assist organization’s with their Digital Transformation demands.

With our varied backgrounds and expertise, we can tackle any challenge you throw at us. Through in-depth analysis of the market and specialist knowledge, our team strives to provide you with one-of-a-kind answers to your challenge. By refining each part of our process, we enable our customers to increase their profits and, in turn, your ROI.



Our company’s long-term vision is an intelligent and inventive technology-driven solution to real-world problems people, households, and organisations face.


We will continue aggressively taking on the unique problems our customers face in their respective industries. Through professional consultation and innovative tech-driven solutions, we aim to achieve a worldwide reputation.

What We Stand For:

New ideas

We work tirelessly to develop technological solutions that improve people's lives and the world around them.


We work hard to make sure our valued clients are happy and confident in working with us so they are more likely to be creative and come up with new ideas.


We know the need to provide our customers with a high-quality software system and keep it up to date.


We treat our customers and other stakeholders with the utmost respect and honesty.


Our goal is to provide a wide range of software solutions to meet the needs of our customers.